Ajay Devgan’s new movie trailer is really exciting

Tollywood News: The Bollywood successful actor Ajay Devgan is back with his new movie. The trailer has been launched and is a must-watched trailer now. The trailer of this movie is made by Ajay Devgan featuring in the lead role, is recently released by the entire film team.

Ajay Devgan’s new movie trailer is really exciting
Ajay Devgan’s new movie trailer is really exciting

Ajay Devgan along with Siddharth Malhotra and Rakul Preet Singh starred in the main lead roles. And this movie trailer has gone viral now. Siddharth as Ayan Kapoor in the movie drives a car while talking on the phone while driving on road. However, the biker comes and causes an accident. If he dies then he enters a new world. Then a handsome man wearing a suit and glossy shoes can be there in the movie.

There Ayan asks, where am I? And who are you? And you will be shocked by the answer. Because he is as usual Chitragupta. And that is interesting, looks like he is in heaven and talking to the gods.  Then Chitragupta said, to understand life with a dead person. So, what they are trying to show? It is basically trying to show in the movie what mistake he has done in his life and what trouble he has caused others. Somehow a lesson of life, what we should not do.

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Well, this movie seems interesting and this is directed by Indra Kumar. The movie is going to release on 25th October. So Ajay Devgan plays the role of modern Chitragupta and this style is different. His world is full of the latest trends and the Game of Life is played by Ajay with Ayan as the key role. And what is the game? How did it go? Did Siddharth come back alive or not? The answer to such questions will be seen in the movie.

Since it is a bit type of religious for the audience, so it is been said that the sentiments of the people have been broken in the movie. Hence, the Boycott trend has begun, as always. Do watch out the trailer guys.

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