Ram Charan Becomes Cautious about His Next Pick

Tollywood News: Here are two things being said, first is about ram Charan that he discontinued the movie which was directed by the director Gowtham Tinnanuri, Jersey movie director, whereas, secondly, people close to the director are maintaining that the film is very much on. Well, now all are talking about why these rumors are coming up.

Ram Charan Becomes Cautious about His Next Pick
Ram Charan Becomes Cautious about His Next Pick

Reportedly, the actor Ram Charan is quite upset with the way that some movies are received by the netizens, especially the Radhe Shyam, Shamshera, and Liger movies are hitting the rock bottom and after receiving the disappointment from the audience, by seeing this all, Ram Charan is quite upset or said to be little worries about his upcoming projects that what type of content he should really choose to engage the audience.

But, he is also confident that people would like to see a new avatar of him after his latest super hit movie RRR. He is a little worried and confused at the same time about what to choose after that. Well, there are lots of expectations from the actor as the movie lovers would like to see his action emotional avatar, or how far it is good to pick up the love story which is narrated by Gowtham Tinnanuri is worrying him.

When the likes of Karan Johar have stopped the production of their big ventures like Taqht and Screwdeela after watching the results of some latest movies, there is nothing wrong that Ram Charan getting worried about the kind of scripts he should choose. He has become extremely cautious and worried, hoping to take the right decision.

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