• Naga Shaurya Says Jai Balayya Jai NTR At Jyo Achyutanandha Audio Launch

    Reporter: Telugu Place Admin
    Published: Monday, 22 August 2016
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    Tollywood youth actors Naga Shourya and Nara Rohith's multi starer forthcoming movie Jyo Achyutanandha audio launch held at Silpa Kala Vedhika yesterday night. When Shourya speeking nandamuri fans shouted like "jai Balayya", then Naga Shourya said " Jai Balayya, Jai Rohith and Jai NTR" and he continued his speech. He has special bonding with Junior NTR fans. In one of the interview he said Tarak is my all time favorite actor, no one compete with him in dances, dialogue delivery, modulation and diction. Shourya's last few films not did will, hope this movie may get success to him.
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