Good news for iPhone fans

Many iPhone fans want to buy an iPhone. But because of the price of that phone, they are going back. For such people, the leading e-commerce company Flipkart has announced a crazy offer. It is said that a huge discount... Read more

Cisco shocked the employees

Tech companies around the world are laying off thousands of employees to cut costs. Already giant companies like Amazon, Twitter, Meta, Microsoft, Lenovo have laid off thousands of employees. Recently, the American tech giant Cisco will also join this list.... Read more

Wireless internet connection

Bangalore-based Ankura has designed a device that brings new generation internet services like 4G and 5G to homes and offices without optical fiber. A startup called ‘Astram Technologies’ has developed a wireless internet connectivity device with the support of Indian... Read more

Meta Warning To the US Government

The ‘Meta‘ organization has issued a warning to the US government and has made it clear that if the ‘Journalism’ bill is approved, they will ban the news of media organizations on their social media platforms. If this bill is... Read more