Naga Chaitanya with the star hero’s daughter.

Relationships related to the personal life of heroes are now becoming a hot topic in the Tollywood film industry. After hero Naga Chaitanya gave Samantha divers, the news that the young hero is dating someone else went viral on social media. Before there is clarity on this news, another video related to Naga Chaitanya is doing the rounds on the net. The girl who was seen next to Chaitu is not someone else but hero Victory Venkatesh’s elder daughter Ashrita, another type of rumors are doing the rounds again. In that video, Chaitu and Asrita are cooking together and then eating together, a new discussion is going on.

Venkatesh, the accomplished hero Mr. Perfect in Tollywood, loves his family. Venky’s children and wife are not seen much anywhere except in family parties. But elder daughter Asrita is well known to netizens.

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